Do Not Judge By What You See!

It is so easy to judge someone by what we see. It is also so wrong to do this. If you want to know what someone is about, and who they really are, take the time to get to know them. Every book is deeper than its cover! We just need to take the time to read!


Step Aside!

So what if I am in a chair
Does that make me a freak?
I’m just the same as all of you
It’s happiness I seek!

Do you think that I’m less than you
Because I cannot walk?
Don’t judge me by what your eyes see
Let’s sit and have a talk!

When you see me, do you feel sad
And want to show me pity?
Please do not judge me, I am great
I’m smart and kind and witty!

Can you not look me in the eye
Because I cause you fear?
Get over it and realize this
It’s hate from you I hear!

Why do you want to stare at me
And make me feel so odd?
You should remember this one thing
We both came from our God!

He chose to make me who I am
And I am proud of me,
This chair will not get in the way
Of all I plan to be!

So if you can’t get past my chair
I’ll tell you what to do,
Please step aside, I’m moving on
I’m rolling right past you!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock



Our Outer Shell!

When we meet people, we tend to judge them by how they look. We are all guilty of this. When someone is in a wheelchair, we might make presumptions that are completely wrong! The view we see on the outside is not what that person is on the inside. It goes back to that old saying…never judge a book by its cover!


I Am Speciable!

I really am quite speciable
I do think you’d agree,
If only you were able to
Look past what your eyes see!

I’m more than just the obvious
The person in this chair,
I’m full of hope and dreams and love
Quite worthy of your stare!

You only see the physical
My shell that’s not quite right,
But in this shell is someone great
Who has a special light!

When God decided to make me
He knew that I’d be fine,
The outside would not matter much
From inside I would shine!

I’m here to teach you all to love
And not hate with your heart,
I think God made me speciable
To help you learn this part!

He wants for us to not just see
The outside of a book,
So if you want to know me well
You’ll need a deeper look!

The inner me is full of love
My soul is full of care,
If you would spend some time with me
With you, these gifts I’d share!

I really am quite speciable
Look with your heart and see,
That even though my covers torn
There’s beauty within me!

© Copyright 2012 Amy Comstock