My Stuffy Little Secret!

This started out to be a lighthearted poem about stuffed animals, which I have a passion for! Yes, I will never truly grow up! Anyway, as it turns out, this poem is about me…and you…and others…including pets. Flaws do not ruin anyone. They just make us unique!


My Silly Shh!

I have a silly secret shh!
That I will share with you,
But please do not tell anyone
They won’t believe it’s true!

It’s all about stuffed animals
And feelings they possess,
I think they laugh and cry with us
Tis why I must confess!

They need someone to speak for them
So this is what I’ll do,
I’ll tell you what they hate the most
It’s when they’re not with you!

They also hate when you go out
To buy another stuffy,
And pick one out, but throw it back
Because it is not fluffy!

The stuffy ones that do not sell
Sit on the shelf and cry,
They think there is no love for them
So they’ll be left to die!

So when I want a new stuffed toy
I’ll pick one that has flaws,
With all the stuff that’s wrong with me
They’ll love me just because!

No one on earth is without flaws
We all have stuff that’s wrong,
What’s in our hearts should count the most
Cause that’s what makes us strong!

Do not reject a toy or friend
For damage that might be,
The stuff that really matters most
Is where you cannot see!

So if a stuffy or a friend
Has one flaw or a few,
Remember that they still need love
They’re just like me and you!

© Copyright 2012 Amy Comstock