Trade-Ins Not Allowed!

One of the saddest things that happens in rescue is when a family decides to “surrender” their senior dog or cat, so that they can make room for a new puppy or kitten!  I actually have few words to describe how angry this makes me! Pets are family and family is forever! If you feel differently about this, please, do not adopt!


Too Old To Die

I used to be a puppy dog
So young and full of zest,
But now I’m old, my body aches
Each day I need more rest!

I still want hugs and belly rubs
And special times with you,
Please don’t discard me cause I’m old
Don’t tell me we are through!

Just yesterday my beagle friend
Was taken to the vet,
They put him down cause he was old
A puppy they’ll now get!

One day last month the yellow lab
Who lived right up the street,
Was taken to the pound to die
With new lab at dad’s feet!

I might be old and out of play
But my heart is like new,
It’s where I keep our memories
And all my love for you!

Do you not love me anymore
Because I’m old and gray?
Please let me stay until my end
Do not throw me away!

You’re not as young as you once were
And when you laugh you pee,
But I love you no matter what
Can’t you do that for me?

I know I’m old and near the end
Soon my time will be up,
But please don’t throw my life away
To make room for a pup!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock


Stray Purrs!

There are too many stray cats and kittens that are living horrible lives. They spend their days searching for food, while at night, they are running from death.  This should not be. Every purr should be in a loving home. Every purr should be spayed or neutered.


In The Wind

Deep in the woods where I can’t see
I hear the sound of purrs,
The cold night wind brings their voice near
Our lost and lonely furs!

I can’t imagine how they cope
With all they have to fear,
For in the wind there’s something else
Coyote sounds I hear!

A pack of them must be close by
Their young ones need to eat,
So in the wind they’ll hunt and kill
Our purrs and death will meet!

The thought of this makes my tears flow
These purrs should have a home,
They should not have to run from death
They should not have to roam!

If everyone would make the choice
To neuter or to spay,
Then little purrs would not be born
To live and die a stray!

Each night when it is time to sleep
I try hard not to cry,
All purrs should be home warm and safe
Yet in the wind they die!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock

No Fairy Tale For Them!

There are too many stray cats that are struggling to survive. People either abandon them, throw them away, or never bother to get them neutered or spayed. These poor little cats and kittens did not ask to be born, but they are the ones who suffer. We have to do more to help them. After all, they are a gift from God!


I’m Going Home!

I wish I lived a fairy tale
And only lost my mitten,
But late last night, God rest her soul
I lost my final kitten!

You see, I had nowhere to go
My dad had little cash,
So as my mom slept in her room
He threw me in the trash!

With seven kittens on the way
I struggled to survive,
I knew I had to do my best
To keep my kids alive!

I gave birth in a cold dark park
And it got worse from there,
Because I had no food or warmth
I could not meet their care!

So one by one they fell asleep
They barely lived a day,
But one of them, my little girl
Looked like she’d fight to stay!

Try as she might, she could not win
The fight against her death,
So as I purred a lullaby
She took her final breath!

I wish I lived a fairy tale
And all cats had a home,
But as I look around the streets
So many of us roam!

I think I’ll join my kittens now
They might need me up there,
I’m weak and scared and all alone
In Heaven, I’ll get care!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock