If you are being bullied, please reach out to someone. It may seem as if this time in your life will never end, but it will. You will grow up to be a loving and compassionate adult. You will succeed in life.  You must STAY STRONG because your future will be amazing!


Stay Strong

Stay strong though life is hard right now
Some kids are very mean,
They push and shove and hurt with words
Your wounds might be unseen!

Stay strong and realize they are wrong
Their actions are not right,
They’ve picked you out to bring you down
Because you are so bright!

Stay strong cause this is jealousy
They cannot let you shine,
For if you were more popular
Then they’d be last in line!

Stay strong cause you are beautiful
A fact they know is true,
So they must not let others see
The greatness within you!

Stay strong and hold your head up high
And rise above them all,
For in the end, as life goes on
They’ll be the ones to fall!

Stay strong and try to be the one
Who teaches them the truth,
That being mean and bully like
Is screwing up their youth!

Stay strong because the bullies have
The power to leave scars,
But in the end, as you succeed
They’ll cry behind jail bars!

Stay strong and look around this world
You do have all of our love,
The bullies don’t have anything
So you shall rise above!

© Copyright 2012 Amy Comstock

1-800-273-TALK (8255)


If we all tried to live like every day was our last day, would the world be a better place? Just a thought!


Last Day!

If this was your last day on earth
How would you want to live?
Would you stop taking all you could
And only try to give?

If this was your last day on earth
Would you forgive your foes?
Would you drop meanness from your heart
And see how far love goes?

If this was your last day on earth
Do you think you would speak?
Would you help others who are down
And save them from their weak?

If this was your last day on earth
Would you make your wrongs right?
Would you let other people know
That love is God’s true light?

This could be your last day on earth
So why waste it on hate?
Do good and when you’re called above
You’ll find an opened gate!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock


This time of year is magical. It gives us hope and renews our faith. However, for some, it also brings on a deep inner sadness. I think that most of us experience the highs and lows of the holiday season. I also think that for some, the sadness is overwhelming. It is important for us to be aware of those around us and to try and reach out to help those in need. It is just as important to be aware of how you are feeling, and if you need help, let those around you know. After all, we are in this together and together, we can do anything.


Stockings & Bows

As we begin to decorate
Hang stockings and red bows,
Please keep in mind that many folks
Are dealing with some lows!

Though Christmastime is filled with joy
It’s also filled with tears,
For in our mind, it brings about
The changes of past years!

The couple you saw buying toys
Two children by their side,
Are barely hanging on right now
Last year, their baby died!

The man who asked you for some help
So he can make ends meet,
Does not want presents for his kids
He just wants them to eat!

The woman you saw in the store
Whose actions made you mad,
Is dealing with her husband’s death
And kids, that have no dad!

The family who sat down to eat
And chose to say a prayer,
Now fill a plate with memories
To set by grandma’s chair!

The child you saw throw a fit
And thought, “He is not right,”
Is dealing with his first real loss
His puppy died last night!

So as we start to decorate
Hang stockings and red bows,
We need to say a loving prayer
To help folks through their lows!

For Christmas is a wondrous time
That’s filled with love and light,
A time to honor His great gift
And do all that is right!

With joyous hope and Yuletide cheer
Let this great season start,
But keep in mind that some folks need
A blessing from our heart!

© Copyright 2017 Amy Comstock

Seduced By Food!

We have all opened our refrigerator door to stare at that dessert we want, but we know we should not have. We find ourselves in an emotional battle with a piece of cake or a slice of pie! I wrote this a few years ago for a friend who struggled with this once and, just as she was about to give in to her temptation, she realized she was too late. Happy Friday everyone!


Lemon Cake Seduction!

Oh luscious yellow lemon cake
I fear that I was wrong,
I should have had you when I could
Inside me, you belong!

I looked at you and wanted you
The urge was quite unreal,
But now I’ll never know your taste
My lips you will not feel!

Each hour that you called my name
I turned and looked away,
I knew that if I got too close
Your smell would make me stay!

Temptation was about to win
My lust for you was bold,
But just as I was giving in
Your sweetness turned to mold!

© Copyright 2014 Amy Comstock

Different, Yet The Same!

We are all different from each other! This is just a fact of life. You are tall, I am short…you are thin, I am chunky…you are beautiful, I am cute…you are black, I am white…you are gay, I am straight…you are Jewish, I am Catholic. The list goes on! However, we all have one thing in common. The one thing that makes us all the same is the fact that WE ALL MATTER! You are not better than me, and I am not better than you. We are just different! You matter…I matter…we all matter!


Everyone Matters!

Since God created all of us
Then why do people judge?
Why do some people waste their lives
By harboring a grudge?

He wants for us to share with all
His love, which is a gift, 
Instead of putting others down
We should just try to lift!

Some people act like they are sure
How God meant us to be,
They think they have a given right
To choose our destiny!

It’s true God made me who I am
And did the same for you, 
But we are individuals
A very different two!

If I was born into a faith
That differs from your choice, 
You do not have the right to act
Like I don’t have a voice!

 God makes His presence known to all
In more than just one way, 
It should not matter where we kneel
As long as we all pray!

It’s sad for those who have to fight
To marry who they choose,
Both straight or gay, love matters most
Without it, we all lose!

 God really would be happy if
We rid our lives of hate, 
No one should have to deal with mean
Because of who they date!

Our skin is clothing straight from God
Who chose our color base,
Is it not true that black or white
We’re all the human race?

 God wants us to be kind and good
On Earth, His golden platter,
And one day He hopes we will see
That to Him, we all matter!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock

What Is In Your Closet?

Inside of each of us, there is a space where we keep the things that we do not want to share. I call this space our inner closet. Like it or not, we all have one!  Through the years, so many things happen that change us and make us grow. Unfortunately, things also happen that stunt our growth. Some people share more than others. However, no one shares everything! How full is your closet?


Everyone Has A Closet

It’s true we all have closet space
Where we can hide our stuff,
But if we keep it packed and full
There won’t be room enough!

You don’t know what’s behind my door
I keep so much inside,
Too scared to share it all with you
So much I have to hide!

If I were to invite you in
And open up my door,
My secrets would come tumbling out
And knock you to the floor!

It’s then you’d know the real true me
And not just what I show,
You’d see how wrong your judgments are
And how much you don’t know!

You’d understand some of my quirks
And why I’m not like you,
You’d understand that having truth
Could change your point of view!

Remember that we all have stuff
We feel we cannot share,
If you would look behind your door
You’d see it is not bare!

So when a judgment comes to mind
Do not assume it’s true,
A person’s closet might be full
Of stuff they hide from you!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock

My Stuffy Little Secret!

This started out to be a lighthearted poem about stuffed animals, which I have a passion for! Yes, I will never truly grow up! Anyway, as it turns out, this poem is about me…and you…and others…including pets. Flaws do not ruin anyone. They just make us unique!


My Silly Shh!

I have a silly secret shh!
That I will share with you,
But please do not tell anyone
They won’t believe it’s true!

It’s all about stuffed animals
And feelings they possess,
I think they laugh and cry with us
Tis why I must confess!

They need someone to speak for them
So this is what I’ll do,
I’ll tell you what they hate the most
It’s when they’re not with you!

They also hate when you go out
To buy another stuffy,
And pick one out, but throw it back
Because it is not fluffy!

The stuffy ones that do not sell
Sit on the shelf and cry,
They think there is no love for them
So they’ll be left to die!

So when I want a new stuffed toy
I’ll pick one that has flaws,
With all the stuff that’s wrong with me
They’ll love me just because!

No one on earth is without flaws
We all have stuff that’s wrong,
What’s in our hearts should count the most
Cause that’s what makes us strong!

Do not reject a toy or friend
For damage that might be,
The stuff that really matters most
Is where you cannot see!

So if a stuffy or a friend
Has one flaw or a few,
Remember that they still need love
They’re just like me and you!

© Copyright 2012 Amy Comstock

Thou Shalt Not Judge!

As we go through our daily lives, it is hard not to judge others. Whether we do it consciously or unconsciously, it happens. Personally, I hate being judged. We all do! I try to remember that no one really knows everything that I’ve been through. Therefore, I do not know everything that others have been through! I’ve never walked in your shoes, and you have never walked in mine! This is why we should not judge!


In My Shoes

Unless you know about my past
You cannot know me well,
There is so much that I’ve been through
A story I won’t tell!

There are some things that I can’t share
I’ve laid to rest those years,
So please just love the me you know
Don’t make me shed those tears!

We all have stuff that shaped our lives
And made us who we are,
Some folks get crippled by their past
While others shine their star!

I’m sad to say it took so long
For me to heal and grow,
But now I’m doing all I can
To let my past years go!

There is so much I want to do
So much I need to share,
I need to make up for lost time
And prove to God I care!

The one thing that I’ve learned from me
Is that we’ve all paid dues,
So go through life and do not judge
You’ve not walked in my shoes!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock