Say No To Puppy Mills!

I want to start by saying that there are some amazing breeders out there. If you want a specific dog, do your research and make sure that they treat their animals with love, care, and respect. Unfortunately, the dogs you usually find in pet stores, or for sale in ads, are from puppy mills that only care about money. Their animals suffer and we need to stop this from happening. Please, adopt from a local shelter or rescue group! Help put an end to puppy mills!

A Message To My Dog

Designer Dogs

A puppy mill is never safe
Most dogs from them will die,
So now I have to ask you this
Why do you choose to buy?

Each time you buy and don’t adopt
You help keep mills alive,
Because you choose “designer dog,”
Some pups will not survive!

A breeder dog has no real life
They’re bred and bred again,
They never get to run and play
Their life is in a pen!

The pups gets pulled from their sweet mom
Too early for good health,
There is no love from those involved
It’s all about their wealth!

The ones that need some extra help
Will die alone and scared,
They’ll spend a moment on this earth
To see that no one cared!

Now mommy will get bred once more
Cause no one hears her cry,
“I am too old to birth again
This time I’ll surely die!”

The puppy mill won’t shed a tear
They only want your cash,
So when the mom dog cannot breed
They’ll throw her in the trash!

The pups that make it to the store
Now beg and hope and pray,
That someone with a caring heart
Will come take them away!

It’s true that some of them will find
A home with loving care,
But no one does a background check
To pups, that is unfair!

So if you want “designer dog”
Adopt one made with love,
The shelters are quite full of them
Designed by Him, above!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock


Adopt, Don’t Shop!

If you are thinking about adding a dog to your family, please adopt from a local rescue. If you purchase a dog, there is a chance that you are supporting a puppy mill. The condition that these dogs live in is absolutely horrendous! There are so many loving animals in shelters that need to find their forever family. Please, check them out and help save a life! You will get so much love in return!


Please Help!

Please help to show me love today
I know I’m worth a try,
If you will take me home with you
I promise not to cry!

Too many years I’ve been locked up
Alone and in the dark,
I tried to blend into the walls
They’d beat me for one bark!

I’d get some food on certain days
Their garbage was my meal,
When they would come into my room
One touch I’d try to steal!

But they wanted no part of me
I’m not sure why I’m here,
Since I was just a little pup
I’ve lived my life in fear!

Thank God a rescue came my way
And took me from my hell,
But now I’m not a puppy dog
I’m just a living shell!

I need someone to come along
And give me time to heal,
I need someone to prove to me
That love is truly real!

Please help to show me love today
I know I’m worth a try,
I’m desperate to find happiness
Just once before I die!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock