All Dogs & Cats Go To Heaven!

When you are ready to add a fur-child to your family, please adopt one. There is nothing better than rescuing an animal in need. Remember, adoption is love, and love is a lifelong commitment! Do not be the reason why a cat or dog needs to be rescued!



Stop The Rain

It’s raining cats and dogs outside
At times this seems so true,
So many little ones run scared
Is it because of you?

Some folks decide to get a pup
They think they’re cute and fun,
But soon they have a grown up dog
Who needs a place to run!

Their yard might not be big enough
So they turn dog away,
He now lives on the lonely streets
Quite scared to be a stray!

The little kitten in the store
Looked cute enough to buy,
They did not realize at that time
That little kittens cry!

Instead of taking kitty back
They simply let her go,
She’s now confused and all alone
Not sure who’s friend or foe!

It’s great to have a puppy dog
Or kitten fill your heart,
But they need us to care for them
So we must do our part!

Be really sure you know how much
A pet will need your care,
And then be sure your heart is filled
With extra love to share!

Too many pets get tossed away
Cause people have no clue,
It’s raining cats and dogs outside
Too bad this is so true!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock












My Rescue Hero!

I wrote this two years ago when I was rescued by this girl. She has taught me many things, and she has made me a better person. I am not sure why I was so blessed to have her come into my life, but I am very thankful. Happy Anniversary Bonnie! Thank you God! I will cherish this gift forever!

2 (2)

Bonnie’s Way!

Some weeks ago I helped to find
A puppy that was lost,
We vowed to stay and search for her
Not stop at any cost!

Some weeks ago we found this girl
So silent on the ground,
Her mind was wracked with fear and pain
She could not make a sound!

Some weeks ago I took her in
To keep her for one night,
But now I will not let her go
Until she has no fright!

Some weeks ago I watched this pup
Befriend my motley crew,
They seemed to sense the fear in her
And knew just what to do!

Some weeks ago I was amazed
How my dogs took her in,
They treated her with love and warmth
Her healing could begin!

Some weeks ago I watched her fear
Grow less and less each day,
She has to do things very slow
We do it Bonnie’s way!

Some weeks ago I understood
How people let her down,
A bait dog was to be her fate
In sorrow, she would drown!

Some weeks ago this special pup
Allowed me in her heart,
She put aside her doubt and fear
To make a brand new start!

So here we are, some weeks have passed
I’m blessed to tell you this,
My heart is filled with so much joy
I got a Bonnie Kiss!

This may not seem like very much
But I think it’s the best,
This pup has taught me many things
Can’t wait to learn the rest!

© Copyright 2015 Amy Comstock






Death Row Dogs!

They say that animals can smell death. Can you imagine how much fear a dog on death row must experience? They know that they were abandoned, and they know that they will die. We need to stop buying animals! There are too many in shelters across the world that need to be adopted. Open up your heart, and home, to a shelter pet. It will be the greatest experience of your life. Love is not for sale, but it is always available for adoption!


Down The Hall 

I hear the footsteps down the hall
Do you think they’re for me?
My seven days are up at noon
Do you think I’ll go free?

My owner turned me in last week
Said my costs were too high,
He walked away without a kiss
And left me here to die!

I heard from other death row pets
That no one wants our love,
So I should just accept the fact
That soon, I’ll go above!

They said there are no homes for us
Too many folks don’t care,
I wish they’d take a chance on me
I have so much to share!

Oh no, I hear some cries right now
They say the rumor’s true,
There are no loving homes for us
No rescues will come through!

Since no one wants to take me home
It’s now my time to die,
Dear Lord, please make me brave and strong
And help me not to cry!

I hear the footsteps down the hall
In my cage goes the key,
So scared, I do not want leave
Please say a prayer for me!

© Copyright 2014 Amy Comstock

Trade-Ins Not Allowed!

One of the saddest things that happens in rescue is when a family decides to “surrender” their senior dog or cat, so that they can make room for a new puppy or kitten!  I actually have few words to describe how angry this makes me! Pets are family and family is forever! If you feel differently about this, please, do not adopt!


Too Old To Die

I used to be a puppy dog
So young and full of zest,
But now I’m old, my body aches
Each day I need more rest!

I still want hugs and belly rubs
And special times with you,
Please don’t discard me cause I’m old
Don’t tell me we are through!

Just yesterday my beagle friend
Was taken to the vet,
They put him down cause he was old
A puppy they’ll now get!

One day last month the yellow lab
Who lived right up the street,
Was taken to the pound to die
With new lab at dad’s feet!

I might be old and out of play
But my heart is like new,
It’s where I keep our memories
And all my love for you!

Do you not love me anymore
Because I’m old and gray?
Please let me stay until my end
Do not throw me away!

You’re not as young as you once were
And when you laugh you pee,
But I love you no matter what
Can’t you do that for me?

I know I’m old and near the end
Soon my time will be up,
But please don’t throw my life away
To make room for a pup!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock


Animals Are Not Disposable!

No animal should ever feel as if they are disposable. Unfortunately, too many do, and we need to help them. Please, if you can, donate to your local Humane Society or rescue group. Dogs and cats are not disposable! They deserve so much more from us. After all, they are gifts from God!


Disposable Me

Tomorrow I might never see
Because I am a stray,
I heard them talk, no room for me
This is my final day!

I used to have a home with love
But then a change took place,
The family that I loved so much
Grew large and needed space!

They said I was too much for them
I’m not sure what they meant,
I know I’m not disposable
For I was Heaven sent!

They put a heavy chain on me
And took me to the car,
I’m not sure where they dropped me off
From our house, it was far!

At first I thought this was a game
They wanted me to chase,
But as they sped away so fast
I could not keep their pace!

Soon I grew tired and sat down
I leaned upon a tree,
It’s then I realized  what was up
They did dispose of me!

Some stranger found me in the woods
And took me to the pound,
I heard him say I was half dead
A heartbeat, barely found!

They said three days is all I get
And then my time is up,
If no one takes me home with them
I’ll die while still a pup!

A rescue group is trying hard
To raise some funds for me,
I hope they get all that they need
Because it’s now day three!

If people gave a little bit
They’d save my life for sure,
But if they can’t, I’ll understand
And go to Heaven’s door!

I hope someone remembers me
My short time on this earth,
But chances are, no one will care
It seems I have no worth!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock

Change Your Life Forever!

If you want to make a positive change in your life, go to your local shelter or Humane Society and rescue a dog or cat! You will find out that as much as they need you, you need them more. Your life will change for the better, forever and a day!


Forever And A Day!

If you take me into your life
I promise not to stray,
I’ll give you things you never had
Forever and a day!

Each morning you’ll see happiness
I’ll show it with my tail,
For when you wake, I’ll be right there
My love for you won’t fail!

As you get ready for your day
I will not leave your side,
Each step you take, I’ll be with you
I’ll keep up with your stride!

When it is time for you to leave
To go to work or play,
I’ll make sure that our home is safe
My barks keep bad away!

Each hour I will wait for you
To come back home to me,
And when you walk in our front door
My happy dance you’ll see!

Together we will eat some food
Then play and watch TV,
We’ll snuggle up, I’ll keep you warm
This is how it should be!

When you decide to go to sleep
I’ll lay down on my bed,
But chances are, when you wake up
I’ll be in yours instead!

If you take me into your life
Then this is what I’ll pray,
God bless this person who saved me
Forever and a day!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock


Words From A Dying Pet!

One of the saddest times in life, is when we have to say goodbye to our beloved fur child. I think we all go through that stage where we feel like we will never be able to adopt again, because it is too painful when they die. The truth is, we need to keep adopting and rescuing. This is what our dogs and cats want us to do. They want us to honor them by saving more!


When I Die

When God calls me to take me home
With tears, I’ll leave your side,
But as I cross the Rainbow Bridge
Please know that He’s my guide!

I will be safe and free from pain
As I lay on my cloud,
Forever I’ll watch over you
I know you’ll make me proud!

For when I was a lonely fur
Abandoned and abused,
You took me in and gave me love
Our two hearts soon were fused!

Because of you my soul has healed
You taught me how to trust,
These past few years, you’ve had one goal
My happiness, a must!

Each day you’ve help erase my past
And made my future bright,
My favorite time we spend as two?
Our cuddles every night!

I know I mean the world to you
My death will break your heart,
But I will always be with you
In truth, we’ll never part!

At first you will be overwhelmed
With sadness and with tears,
But please do this one thing for me
To honor all our years?

Please go and save another fur
So many need your love,
And know that this will be a gift
You send to me above!

Too many furs do not know what
A life with love can be,
So when I die, please rescue one
Will you do this for me?

Do not shut down your giving heart
Because I had to leave,
Please save another broken fur
They’ll help you as you grieve!

When God calls me to take me home
I’ll cross the bridge and wait,
And when you save another soul
I’ll prance right through His gate!

© Copyright 2016 Amy Comstock

Too Sad To Live!

Everyday, we hear stories about dogs being neglected and abused. My question is, if someone does not want a dog to be a loved and loving member of their family, then why do they want to have one? I do not know the answer. Do you?


Do You?

I’m thirsty now, can you help me
My dish is still bone dry?
Do you not want to help me out
You’d rather hear me cry?

I’m hungry now, where is my food
I think I’m way too thin?
Do you not hear my tummy growl
And know the pain I’m in?

I’m hurting now, can you remove
This collar from my neck?
Do you not know how tight it is
Why don’t you ever check?

I’m cold right now, can I come in
Outside I will just freeze?
Do you not want to give me warmth
I really need it please?

I’m scared right now, why are you mad
Can you stop hitting me?
Do you not want me in your life
Why don’t you set me free?

I’m dying now, why do you cry
I’m still chained to a tree?
Do you think God will punish you
For all you did to me?

I’m happy now, I’m home at last
The Rainbow Bridge is real,
You cannot hurt me anymore
His love is all I feel!

I’m thankful now, I’m in God’s House
There’s love in every bowl,
And even though you took my life
I’ll still pray for your soul!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock

My Dogs Friends!

My dogs truly believe that anyone who comes over for a visit, is coming strictly to visit and play with them. It is their house, their friends, and most definitely, their life! I am so blessed that I am their person! I would not have it any other way!


This Dog’s Life

Welcome to my happy home
Please come in, take a seat,
Please let me sniff you all around
That’s how I choose to meet!

Just so you know, my couch has hair
Some black, some brown, some white,
But it’s okay, looks good on you
It makes your outfit right!

Please do not startle when I jump
To sit right next to you,
It’s just that you are in my spot
So here will have to do!

You need to move your arm for me
So I can place my head,
Upon your soft and comfy lap
My temporary bed!

Oh look, mom’s bringing snacks for us
She is so good and kind,
And if you drop a crumb or two
Just leave it, I don’t mind!

You look like you have had too much
I’ll help you cause I care,
Just break in half the piece you have
And then I’ll help you share!

Oh that was good, my tummy’s full
I need to take a nap,
So once again, please move your arm
I really need your lap!

I think I let a stinky out
Or maybe even two,
But I will jump and move away
So mom will think it’s you!

It’s time for me to step outside
I really have to pee,
But do not worry, I’ll be back
And you can scratch on me!

I’m so glad you stopped by today
Much fun was had by all,
And next time that you visit me
I let you throw my ball!

© Copyright 2016 Amy Comstock

Pets Are Family!

To be a parent to a fur child, you must totally commit to treating them as a family member, because that is what they are. You should only adopt if you have room in your heart, and in your home, for unconditional love! Fur kids are a gift from God and they deserve the very best!


Beneath That Tree

Don’t cry for me for I am gone
I left the earth last night,
I tried to prove my love for you
But failed and lost the fight!

You threw me food and gave me drink
When you could find the time,
But there were days I went without
I think that is a crime!

The other night it rained quite hard
I hid beneath that tree,
You put me out to do my stuff
But then neglected me!

I was so cold, the wind was harsh
I cried the whole night through,
When morning came, you brought me in
And hit me with your shoe!

I never knew what I did wrong
I must have been born bad,
Cause every night and every day
I seemed to make you mad!

Each day I tried to show you love
With licks and wagging tail,
Each day you treated me the same
You broke me without fail!

So as old age came creeping in
I lost my will to live,
My licks and wagging tail ran out
I had no more to give!

You put me out one final time
To sleep beneath that tree,
I looked above and prayed to God
To come and rescue me!

With my last breath, I still loved you
Quite loyal till the end,
No matter what you did to me
My love was not pretend!

So now I hope your hate is gone
And you’ll do this for me,
Please dig a hole to be my grave
My place beneath that tree!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock