The Beauty Of The Spectrum!

Rainbows are breathtakingly beautiful. Rainbow children are also breathtakingly beautiful, on the outside, as well as on the inside. They have a special magic in their souls that most of us will never get to experience.


My Rainbow View

You simply cannot box me up
And make me just like you,
Cause on the spectrum’s where I’m at
And rainbows are my view!

I’m sorry if I don’t fit in
To what you feel is right,
Or maybe I am sorry that
Your world is not as bright!

At times I might seem bad to you
Like I am acting out,
But really, it’s my genius mind
Just dancing all about!

There’s so much stuff you do not see
But trust me, it is there,
And if you had a rainbow mind
These things we both could share!

I really am quite sad for you
Your world is black and white,
You see the same things everyday
Without the spectrum’s light!

This may explain why you get mad
For how I act and play,
You wish that you could see my view
If only for a day!

But since you do not have my mind
You want me to have yours,
The truth is that you can’t change me
For rainbows have no cures!

You simply cannot box me up
And make me just like you,
Get over it, you’re not like me
God only made a few!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock

What Makes Us Different, Makes Us Special!

Rainbows bring beauty and magic to our skies. Rainbow Souls bring beauty and magic to our lives!

My Rainbow Soul

When I was born I came to earth
With rainbows in my soul,
I’m here to teach and show the world
That love should be our goal!

Don’t pity me for all my needs
That’s not what I’m about,
I’m cool and full of awesomeness
Quite special, have no doubt!

I am not like your average kid
But that’s okay with me,
Because I have a rainbow soul
There’s so much more I see!

My world is full of many things
That you will never know,
My heart is full of extra love
So much, I over flow!

It’s true at times I might meltdown
And make folks want to hide,
But those who know me understand
And love my rainbow side!

God made me different, this I know
He needed special me,
He picked me out to help Him show
There’s so much more to see!

I really like the me I am
My folks think I’m a star,
I won’t judge you so don’t judge me
Let’s love the way we are!

I’m glad I’m not an average kid
I love my rainbow view,
My heart and soul are full of love
Come see, I’ll share with you!

When I was born I came to earth
With one important goal,
To teach the world how great it is
To have a rainbow soul!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock