The Fight Within Yourself!

Taking control over OCD is not easy. However, if you stick with it and try not go give in to your “OCD urges,” you can conquer it! It is a major fight within yourself! The thing you have to remember is that you are worth fighting for! Go in for the win!


Fight Back Now!

There is no cure for ocd
But it can fade away,
You have to practice certain things
Most every single day!

The first thing is to truly know
That you are not subpar,
Your ocd is a disease
It is not who you are!

It wants to take control of you
And play games with your brain,
It wants to tell you what to do
And cause you lots of pain!

If you don’t want to let it win
You must find strength and fight,
It will not be an easy task
It’s with you day and night!

So every morning when you wake
Write down one thing you’ll do,
To help control your ocd
Move power back to you!

Believe me when I say you can
Control your mind and soul,
It is a war worth fighting for
The win will make you whole!

You really need to do this now
There is so much to gain,
You need to find your happiness
Let go of fear and pain!

It’s baby steps you’ll take at first
But with each win you’ll see,
It really is quite possible
To take the victory!

Fight Back Now!

© Copyright 2012 Amy Comstock

A Welcomed Death!

When OCD enters your life, it is like having an unwelcome visitor in your brain. My visitor stole so much from me. I needed her to die because I wanted to live!


Goodbye My Frienemy

Sometimes in life we lose a friend 
Or maybe lose a foe, 
But either way you feel the loss 
So sad to see them go. 

I recently have gone through this 
We were together long, 
Can’t say I’m sad to see her die 
In life she did me wrong. 

I knew her since my dad got sick 
She crept into my space, 
She caused me grief right from the start 
And made my home her place. 

At first it really was not bad 
I could keep her at bay, 
But slowly she grew powerful 
And stole my life away. 

She would not let me do the things 
I knew I had to do, 
She made me do all kinds of stuff 
That would seem strange to you. 

This lasted for so many years 
Ashamed to say how long, 
But I would die if she lived on 
Her death would not be wrong. 

I knew I had to get some help 
To rid me of this she, 
I could not do it all alone 
She had control of me. 

I went and found the needed help 
To kill and take the win, 
It was not easy, but she’s gone 
My life can now begin. 

I finally control my life 
She has no say in me, 
God gave me strength to help myself 
And kill my ocd.

© Copyright 2012 Amy Comstock


OCD To Me!

Many people claim to have OCD. The truth is, many people do have it, but to varying degrees! Due to some past trauma in my life, I struggled with this disease for years. I worked extremely hard to conquer it, and for the most part, I have. However, when I get stressed out, the OCD monster will try to creep into my brain again. I have to be very conscious of its presence, and I have to be forceful in kicking it out! The following poem I wrote when I was having a particularly bad time….and the OCD monster created a loneliness in me that was pretty devastating.

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The Fish

The fish are swimming in the sea
Till one gets caught on shore,
The other fish can only stare
Not capable of more!

The people on the beach could help
And save this fish from death,
Instead they choose to live their life
And watch him gasp for breath!

It’s sad that no one stopped to help
And give this fish a hand,
Instead of swimming with his friends
He shriveled in the sand!

This is my way to share with you
My life with ocd,
I was the fish with this disease
And no one would help me!

© Copyright 2012 Amy Comstock