Respect And Kindness To All!

Have you ever thought of what your life would be like if you were not born into the human race? Pretty scary! I am so glad to be the me that I am. In return, I try to respect all other life. I’m not a fanatic…but I do try to do what I can to help all creatures, great and small! If we would all stop and think, we could make this world a better place….and we would be teaching our children that ALL life deserves to be respected!


Please stop And Think!

Please stop and think what life would be
If you were born a toad,
Would you get flattened as you crossed
That little country road?

Or what if you were born a squirrel
Ate nuts just to survive,
Would you feel sad that no one cared
If you were not alive?

The fact is that we’re very blessed
That He made you and me,
A member of the human race
And not a bug or bee!

Because of this I feel we should
Respect all that is born,
It’s not okay to kill for fun
For all death we should mourn!

If woodland creatures need our help
So their kids do not die,
We should do everything we can
And simply not stand by!

We have to stop and think right now
Of what our world would gain,
If we would realize this one fact
All living things feel pain!

It’s true that we need meat to live
And accidents will be,
But we should all give more respect
To every life we see!

Please stop and think what life would be
If you were born a toad,
I’d stop my car to help you out
To cross that country road!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock