Sweet Revenge!

We all know that revenge is never a good thing. However, deep within my mind, I have a file. This file is where I store all of my “unacted” upon acts of revenge. Whenever someone is nasty, mean, or intolerant of either another person or an animal, they get added to my file.  For all of the people out there who think that it is okay to run over a turtle, this one is for you!

Just Venting

I’m driving down the road today
I’m just as late as you,
But then I spot a little shell
Who knew not what to do!

I stopped my car to help him out
Did not want him to mush,
He started to get off the road
With just a little push!

I waited to make sure that he
Was safe and on his way,
It’s then I heard you yell and scream
You did not have all day!

You honked your horn and yelled more stuff
Too close as you sped by,
And then you stopped to tell me off
I saw your finger fly!

I hope that in your next lifetime
A turtle you will be,
And when you’re scared and all alone
I hope you’re found by me!

Instead of helping you to live
I’ll treat you like you’re poop,
I’ll run you over with my car
Go home, make turtle soup!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock