Seduced By Food!

We have all opened our refrigerator door to stare at that dessert we want, but we know we should not have. We find ourselves in an emotional battle with a piece of cake or a slice of pie! I wrote this a few years ago for a friend who struggled with this once and, just as she was about to give in to her temptation, she realized she was too late. Happy Friday everyone!


Lemon Cake Seduction!

Oh luscious yellow lemon cake
I fear that I was wrong,
I should have had you when I could
Inside me, you belong!

I looked at you and wanted you
The urge was quite unreal,
But now I’ll never know your taste
My lips you will not feel!

Each hour that you called my name
I turned and looked away,
I knew that if I got too close
Your smell would make me stay!

Temptation was about to win
My lust for you was bold,
But just as I was giving in
Your sweetness turned to mold!

© Copyright 2014 Amy Comstock

Smile, It Is Friday!

You may not admit it, but most of us, if not all of us, have had a morning like this! It could have been while you were in college, or it could have been this morning! Either way, I hope this makes you smile, and I hope you have an amazing weekend!

2011-02-26_22-09-07_625 (3)

Oh No, Not Again!

I’ll never forget that morning I woke
The horror stays fresh in my brain,
A dazed gruesome soul, stared into my heart
I knew it would drive me insane!

Its hair was quite dirty, matted, and gross
The redness stood out in its eyes,
Confusion set in, as I was unsure
If this thing was in a disguise!

 Its puffy red face looked empty and sad
As if it just wanted to cry,
Pure terror I felt, when soon I realized
This might be my moment to die!

Then as its eyes blinked, I started to laugh
Reality killed all my fears,
That dazed gruesome soul, I viewed in the glass
T’was me, after too many beers!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock