Keep Your Fur-Kids Safe

Fireworks will scare your four legged children so please, do all you can to keep them safe and sound!! Have a great fourth!!

A Puppy's Plea

A Puppy’s Plea!

I know that fireworks are cool
And that they’re fun to see,
I also know they scare me lots
And make me want to pee!

If you go out to celebrate
Please lock me in a room,
T.V. and fans will block the sound
Of that gigantic boom!

Just close the curtains, keep it dark
I’ll lay in bed and rest,
Cause if I’m scared I’ll do bad things
Please trust me, I know best!

I do not see the pretty stuff
That lights up in the sky,
I just hear sounds that worry me
And make me want to cry!

I think the earth is blowing up
From my friends, that’s the scoop,
So if you leave me by myself
Be warned, I may just poop!

So once again, please hear my need,
Don’t leave me out this night,
Please keep me in, away from harm
Protect me from the fright!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock