God’s Plan!

Every time a baby is born, it is a blessing from Him! When there is a special birth, one that is different from the norm, people tend to think that something is wrong! Well, maybe those people are the ones who are wrong. A special birth may just mean that something is right! God has a plan, and He knows what He is doing!


Something’s Right!

They say that something’s wrong with you
But we don’t think it’s true,
We think God has a special plan
Saved only for a few.

To them you do not seem the same
As all the other’s born,
They look so sad and talk to us
As if we should just mourn.

We do not understand their view
We guess they just don’t see,
That you’re the one we’ve waited for
To fill our destiny.

To them you’re not the perfect one
You’re different from the rest,
But we love you with all our heart
To us, you are the best.

Your struggles will be difficult
Together, we’ll get through,
It does not matter what they think
The fact is we love you.

You are a special Gift From God
He Blessed us with your light,
They may think something’s wrong with you
But we know something’s right!

© Copyright 2012 Amy Comstock