Leave Them Home!

We all love our fur kids and want to take them everywhere. However, there are times when it is wrong to take them with you. If you have to leave them in your car, especially when it is so hot out, the best thing to do is LEAVE THEM HOME! The inside of a car becomes like an oven in a matter of minutes. Children, both humans and furs, cannot survive being baked! Please think about what you are doing and do the right thing! They depend on us to keep them safe!



You Said!

You said, “Come on, hop in the car
I’ll take you for a ride,”
With loyalty, I followed you
And jumped right up inside!

You said, “I need to stop for gas
Be good while I fill up!”
So there I sat so patiently
Because I am your pup!

You said, “I have to park the car
And run into this store,”
You promised that I would be safe
Because you locked the door!

Again, I sat there patiently
Pretending not to care,
But truth be told, quite rapidly
I really needed air!

Inside the car, it got quite hot
My panting grew intense,
I needed you, but you were gone
This really made no sense!

Then just like that, my panting stopped
No longer was I hot,
Please know I do not blame you mom
You simply just forgot!

When we get home, please do one thing
Because I’m Heaven bound,
Please put my bowl and favorite toy
With me, inside the ground!

© Copyright 2015 Amy Comstock