Different, Yet The Same!

We are all different from each other! This is just a fact of life. You are tall, I am short…you are thin, I am chunky…you are beautiful, I am cute…you are black, I am white…you are gay, I am straight…you are Jewish, I am Catholic. The list goes on! However, we all have one thing in common. The one thing that makes us all the same is the fact that WE ALL MATTER! You are not better than me, and I am not better than you. We are just different! You matter…I matter…we all matter!


Everyone Matters!

Since God created all of us
Then why do people judge?
Why do some people waste their lives
By harboring a grudge?

He wants for us to share with all
His love, which is a gift, 
Instead of putting others down
We should just try to lift!

Some people act like they are sure
How God meant us to be,
They think they have a given right
To choose our destiny!

It’s true God made me who I am
And did the same for you, 
But we are individuals
A very different two!

If I was born into a faith
That differs from your choice, 
You do not have the right to act
Like I don’t have a voice!

 God makes His presence known to all
In more than just one way, 
It should not matter where we kneel
As long as we all pray!

It’s sad for those who have to fight
To marry who they choose,
Both straight or gay, love matters most
Without it, we all lose!

 God really would be happy if
We rid our lives of hate, 
No one should have to deal with mean
Because of who they date!

Our skin is clothing straight from God
Who chose our color base,
Is it not true that black or white
We’re all the human race?

 God wants us to be kind and good
On Earth, His golden platter,
And one day He hopes we will see
That to Him, we all matter!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock

My life in rhyme!

I am a pretty passionate person. Some of the people who know me, okay, most of the people who know me, say that I am emotional. I admit it. I am a passionately emotional person. Over the years, I have tried to be less emotional…but I have failed. So, I now accept the me that I am! Many years ago, I found an outlet for my emotions…and that is what brought me here. I love to put all of my thoughts and opinions in poetic form…and I am obsessed with rhyming! So, you may love what I say, or you may hate it, but either way, I am going to write it! Thanks for stopping by!

I Am Me As I Am!

Please understand that I am me
Quite different from the rest,
Please understand that I am me
I really try my best!

Some things I do you find quite strange
I mean no harm to you,
I just can’t always stop the stuff
My brain tells me to do!

I think God gave us different quirks
To help us figure out,
That we all need to love ourselves
This is what life’s about!

For if we can embrace the things
That make us seem not right,
Then we will feel for other folks
And help them through their plight!

There is no one on earth without
A thing or two that’s wrong,
It’s just a fact that I’m not you
I sing a different song!

So please accept me as I am
A complicated work,
Put that aside and you will see
In life, I’m quite a perk!

© Copyright 2012 Amy Comstock