Always Ask!

Bullies are everywhere, and they are hurting our children. Lives are being lost because of physical and/or emotional abuse. It is hard not to hate a bully. However, we must try to remember that there is a reason why a child would act out in such mean and vindictive ways! What is going on in their young life that makes them want to hurt others? The only way to get an answer is to ask. Remember, they are children, too. We must assume that at one time, they were innocent and fun loving kids. We need to find out what went wrong and, if possible, we need to get them help! All children deserve a chance at happiness and a bully, for whatever reason, is truly unhappy. Why?


Please Ask!

I know I push the kids around
And make them want to cry,
Instead of getting mad at me
Why don’t you find out why?

It is not normal to do this
Behavior every day,
But I’m not sure how I should act
This is my only way!

I was not born to be this mean
It is a skill I learned,
For every day of my short life
It’s punishment I earned!

My parents seem to not want me
I just get in their way,
To make sure that I know this fact
They hit me every day!

At first I tried to do things right
And be the best I could,
But soon I learned that I was bad
They told me I’m no good!

So now I just accepted that
This is how life will be,
Inside I feel it’s now my job
To repeat history!

Each day I go to school quite mad
And pick a kid or two,
The ones who look like they deserve
To suffer like I do!

Again, I have to ask you this
Before I make them die,
Instead of getting mad at me
Why don’t you find out why?

© Copyright 2012 Amy Comstock