Special Children!

Children with disabilities are a special gift. They have a love to share like no other! If we are open with our minds and our hearts, we can learn so much from them. God always knows what He is doing. We just have to remember that!


My Blessing

The first time I saw your blue eyes
I said a prayer of hope,
With all your disabilities
I needed strength to cope!

I asked God why you were this way
So different from the rest,
I just can’t figure out why me
Is this some kind of test?

But then they put you in my arms
I held you to my heart,
At once I knew I was complete
You were my missing part!

God sent me you to fill my life
With love I never knew,
This endless love would now be mine
Because of special you!

Oh yes, our struggles will be great
We’ll shed so many tears,
But crying sometimes helps our souls
To cleanse away our fears!

I know we’ll get through all of this
And help the world to see,
The dis does not apply to you
Your pure ability!

So now I’ll say a second prayer
To thank Him for your birth,
I’m humbled He chose me to share
His Angel here on earth!

© Copyright 2012 Amy Comstock

The Beauty Of The Spectrum!

Rainbows are breathtakingly beautiful. Rainbow children are also breathtakingly beautiful, on the outside, as well as on the inside. They have a special magic in their souls that most of us will never get to experience.


My Rainbow View

You simply cannot box me up
And make me just like you,
Cause on the spectrum’s where I’m at
And rainbows are my view!

I’m sorry if I don’t fit in
To what you feel is right,
Or maybe I am sorry that
Your world is not as bright!

At times I might seem bad to you
Like I am acting out,
But really, it’s my genius mind
Just dancing all about!

There’s so much stuff you do not see
But trust me, it is there,
And if you had a rainbow mind
These things we both could share!

I really am quite sad for you
Your world is black and white,
You see the same things everyday
Without the spectrum’s light!

This may explain why you get mad
For how I act and play,
You wish that you could see my view
If only for a day!

But since you do not have my mind
You want me to have yours,
The truth is that you can’t change me
For rainbows have no cures!

You simply cannot box me up
And make me just like you,
Get over it, you’re not like me
God only made a few!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock