Always Ask!

Bullies are everywhere, and they are hurting our children. Lives are being lost because of physical and/or emotional abuse. It is hard not to hate a bully. However, we must try to remember that there is a reason why a child would act out in such mean and vindictive ways! What is going on in their young life that makes them want to hurt others? The only way to get an answer is to ask. Remember, they are children, too. We must assume that at one time, they were innocent and fun loving kids. We need to find out what went wrong and, if possible, we need to get them help! All children deserve a chance at happiness and a bully, for whatever reason, is truly unhappy. Why?


Please Ask!

I know I push the kids around
And make them want to cry,
Instead of getting mad at me
Why don’t you find out why?

It is not normal to do this
Behavior every day,
But I’m not sure how I should act
This is my only way!

I was not born to be this mean
It is a skill I learned,
For every day of my short life
It’s punishment I earned!

My parents seem to not want me
I just get in their way,
To make sure that I know this fact
They hit me every day!

At first I tried to do things right
And be the best I could,
But soon I learned that I was bad
They told me I’m no good!

So now I just accepted that
This is how life will be,
Inside I feel it’s now my job
To repeat history!

Each day I go to school quite mad
And pick a kid or two,
The ones who look like they deserve
To suffer like I do!

Again, I have to ask you this
Before I make them die,
Instead of getting mad at me
Why don’t you find out why?

© Copyright 2012 Amy Comstock


Present Or Not, You Are Guilty!

At the end of a school day, some children go home and play. Unfortunately, others go home and make life-ending decisions. When a child chooses to die because they are being bullied, it is bullycide. The bully does not always have to be present to be guilty of this crime. The pain of being bullied lingers on, and for some, it becomes too much to bear. If you choose to hurt someone with your words, or with your actions, keep in mind that little by little, you just might be killing them!bully-655660_640

Because Of You!

The little girl you brought to tears
Because she is obese,
Went home and hung herself tonight
You helped her life to cease!

The boy you picked on during lunch
Did not know what to do,
So he left school to end it all
He died because of you!

The kid you beat up just last week
Because you don’t like gay,
Popped all the pills that he could find
You took his life away!

The child that lived up the street
Went home and cut his wrist,
He could not face another week
Of bruises from your fist!

The teen you bullied yesterday
Because she’s in a chair,
Will lay to rest on Saturday
You made her life unfair!

How many kids will have to die
Because of all your mean?
No matter what, you killed them all
With crimes that were not seen!

You probably will not be charged
For all your bully times,
But in the end, you’ll have to pay
For He knows of your crimes!

So bully, please do think of this
The next time that you fight,
The kids you hurt in school today
Might end their lives tonight!

Though you’re not with them when they die
This fact is still quite true,
The kids you choose as bully bait
Might die because of you!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock


Bullies Kill!

The new school year is upon us. Unfortunately, for some children, it brings nothing but fear and shame. They know that they will, once again, have to deal with being bullied. We need to be on high alert and make sure that our children are safe! Please, if you suspect that your child is being bullied, or that your child is a bully, do something about it! They need our help! This is the only way to put an end to bullycide!


My Last Goodbye

Today I had to say goodbye
And close his casket door,
His bully got the best of him
And he could take no more!

He really tried to stay around
And make it through this year,
But every day was just the same
He tired of the fear!

My child was a special kid
Who had so much to give,
He would have helped to make the world
A better place to live!

I hope his bully feels the pain
That now lives in my soul,
If murder was his game of choice
Then he has reached his goal!

I hope he knows just what he did
And how he took a life,
I hope he knows his words were cruel
And acted like a knife!

I know he was not present when
My child’s life was done,
But still, he’s guilty just the same
As if he shot the gun!

On earth he’ll get away with this
It’s fact, most bullies do,
But in the end he’ll have to pay
Because He knows what’s true!

I’m bitter now and full of grief
But for this boy I’ll pray,
“Dear God please make his meanness end
So more don’t come your way!”

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock

1-800-273-TALK (8255)


Stay Strong!

A brand new school year is about to start, and while this is exciting for some, it brings nothing but fear to others. To those being bullied, stay strong! You have the power to not let anyone take you down. If you need help, seek it out. Start strong in the beginning, and stay strong throughout the year. It might not be easy at first, but with time, the bully will get the message that you are no longer bully bait. You are a force to be reckoned with! Stay strong, stay kind, and never give up!


As This Day Ends

As this day starts, I’ll hear your voice
And all the mean you say,
I’ll try to hide, but won’t succeed
You find me every day!

Your inner radar seeks me out
To shred me to my core,
You don’t give up until you feel
You’ve knocked me to the floor!

You have a passion for my tears
The more I cry, you cheer,
You seem to get an ego boost
From all my sad and fear!

It’s time for me to clue you in
On this one simple fact,
I’ve learned to love the me I am
No matter how you act!

Your words no longer cause me fear
My sad from you is dead,
I’ve learned to stand up for myself
My strength, you should now dread!

You’re just one voice who speaks quite loud
With words that are untrue,
I will no longer let my worth
Drop down because of you!

A bully has to get his strength
From other people’s fear,
But give it up, I’m fighting back
This is a brand new year!

No matter what you say to me
I’ll stand up tall and straight,
I’m good, and strong, and full of life
No longer bully bait!

It took some time for me to see
How small you really are,
In life I’ll be a great success
But you will not go far!

As this day ends, I’ll walk away
And leave you far behind,
No matter what you do to me
You can’t control my mind!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock

Do Not Judge By What You See!

It is so easy to judge someone by what we see. It is also so wrong to do this. If you want to know what someone is about, and who they really are, take the time to get to know them. Every book is deeper than its cover! We just need to take the time to read!


Step Aside!

So what if I am in a chair
Does that make me a freak?
I’m just the same as all of you
It’s happiness I seek!

Do you think that I’m less than you
Because I cannot walk?
Don’t judge me by what your eyes see
Let’s sit and have a talk!

When you see me, do you feel sad
And want to show me pity?
Please do not judge me, I am great
I’m smart and kind and witty!

Can you not look me in the eye
Because I cause you fear?
Get over it and realize this
It’s hate from you I hear!

Why do you want to stare at me
And make me feel so odd?
You should remember this one thing
We both came from our God!

He chose to make me who I am
And I am proud of me,
This chair will not get in the way
Of all I plan to be!

So if you can’t get past my chair
I’ll tell you what to do,
Please step aside, I’m moving on
I’m rolling right past you!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock



A Message From Above!

It is so important for children to understand that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. You cannot undo ending your life. However, you can, with the help of others, put an end to bullying. It is not easy, but it is worth fighting through. You, the one being bullied, are worth fighting for! Please, do not give up!


From My Cloud

Hello to all of you down there
I’m speaking from my cloud,
Please listen very carefully
I’ll try to say this loud!

A bully took my life away
He made my days pure hell,
The things he said cut through my skin
And pierced my inner shell!

There was no need for physical
He knew his words would kill,
For putting other people down
Was truly, his one skill!

From up here I can see that he
Has new kids on his list,
And if we let him carry on
Then soon they won’t exist!

I wish to share what I have learned
Since I left life on Earth,
No one can tell you you’re not great
And take away your worth!

You have to realize who you are
And what your life could be,
If you would stand up for yourself
And not give up, like me!

A bully should not rule your world
And make you want to cry,
A bully should not put you down
So much, you choose to die!

If I could have a second chance
To redo what I did,
I’d stay on Earth and fight it out
Prove I’m the stronger kid!

In time the bully will fade out
A broken man he’ll be,
And if I would have chose to live
I’d be amazing me!

I let one person make me feel
That I did not belong,
But let me tell you, now I know
My feelings were quite wrong!

So if you face a bully boy
Or bully girl this year,
Remember to stand up to them
And prove you have no fear!

For you are so much greater than
The person that they are,
And you will see, as life goes on
They’ll fail, you’ll be a star!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock

1-800-273-TALK (8255)

For The Bullies!

To bullies everywhere…this is how you make people feel! Wake up and realize the impact of your words and actions! Please, do not commit bullycide! No one should want to die because of something you do or say.

sweet-1966033_640Sweet Sixteen 

Today I’m turning sweet sixteen
A very special day,
A fancy dress for party time
My life is great, I say!

My friends will meet me to get set
We’ll help each other out,
Do makeup, hair, and manicures
A perfect time, no doubt!

The limo then will pick us up
And take us out to play,
Great food and fun and lots of laughs
We’ll dance the night away!

I just woke up from this great dream
Unsure of what to do,
The doctors say I might not live
It’s all because of you!

You see, last night I tried to die
And stop the pain I feel,
A fifth of vodka with some pills
This was my final meal!

The torment that you put me through
Has now destroyed my life,
Your words and actions were the same
As if you used a knife!

Today I’m turning sweet sixteen
A very special day,
Because of you I might not live
Congrats, you got your way!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock

1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Parents & Teachers Unite!

I was once asked to write a poem expressing how hard it is for a parent to get help from school officials when a child is being bullied. Bullying awareness grows every day. However, some people still do not take it seriously. This has to change. Children should not be tormented…and they should definitely not want to die.


One Less Smile

I sent my child to school today
No worries in my head,
But in her room I found a note
“Tomorrow I’ll be dead!”

The sadness that came over me
Made my heart fill with tears,
The bullies started up again
Just like in other years!

A boy had told some awful lies
And spread them with a tweet,
While he felt like a macho man
My daughter took the heat!

The friends she had soon disappeared
While bullies took her down,
It got so bad, we had to move
And find a different town!

I tried to get some help at school
But all they did was laugh,
The principal said, “Let it go
And do not bother staff!”

I knew I could not let it go
This was my daughter’s life,
“Dear Principal, if my kid dies
Your blood is on the knife!”

I heard that not too long ago
A boy from that school died,
And at his grave the teachers stood
So filled with guilt, they cried!

They now realize how wrong they were
They should have done much more,
A child should depend on them
Not seek out Heaven’s door!

So when my girl comes home today
I’ll hug her very tight,
She’ll know that she is not alone
Together we will fight!

The truth is that I need some help
Can’t do this all alone,
So teachers, admin, principals
Please help, do not condone!

If you standby and don’t step in
And go that extra mile,
Tomorrow when you start your class
There might be one less smile!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock


Too Many Lives Lost!

Bullying, in some cases, is murder! There are too many children that cannot face another day of being tormented so instead, they choose to die. We need stricter penalties for bullies and anti-bullying awareness should be mandatory in every school.


Dear Mom And Dad

Dear mom and dad I miss you both
I’m sorry that I died,
But all the hurt and fear I felt
Destroyed me deep inside!

I wish I could have stayed with you
Much longer than I did,
But bully had a different plan
To murder your sweet kid

Some folks think it was suicide
That ended it for me,
But murder is what bully did
And yet, he still walks free!

Too many of us up here now
We do not understand,
The bullies shot their words at us
The gun was in their hand!

Yet every day they’re free to go
And find more kids to hate,
If bullies are not stopped right now
More kids will meet our fate!

Oh mom and dad please listen hard
I hope you hear my voice,
I really did not want to die
But felt I had no choice!

For every day I was in pain
Deep sadness in my soul,
When bully picked me as his bait
My torment was his goal!

The kids that share a cloud with me
Want you to waste no time,
On earth there needs to be a law

Dear mom and dad I love you both
I miss you every day,
Please help to change the laws on earth
So other kids will stay!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock

The National Suicide Prevention Hotline:
1-800-273-TALK (8255)


The number of children ending their lives because they can no longer stand the emotional and/or physical pain of being bullied, is growing every day. Bullying awareness is an important discussion that needs to be taught in every classroom. We have to help protect our children from this growing epidemic.


Please Listen

Please listen to the wind at night
You’ll hear from those who died,
The cry you hear is from the one
You killed by suicide.

You had to make them feel so bad
You had to make them fall,
Please listen to the wind at night
It’s you who they now call.

They want to know why you did this
Did they hurt you some way?
Please listen to the wind at night
It’s you for whom they pray.

Why could you not just let them be
Did you want them to die?
Please listen to the wind at night
They want to ask you why.

Why does a person want to be
A bully and a foe?
Please listen to the wind at night
They have a right to know.

They also want to help you see
Your words became their knife,
Please listen to the wind at night
It’s you who stole their life.

Please listen to the wind at night
You’ll hear their final plea,
They hope that you will kill no more
And just let others be.

© Copyright 2012 Amy Comstock

The National Suicide Prevention Hotline:
1-800-273-TALK (8255)