Always Ask!

Bullies are everywhere, and they are hurting our children. Lives are being lost because of physical and/or emotional abuse. It is hard not to hate a bully. However, we must

All Dogs & Cats Go To Heaven!

When you are ready to add a fur-child to your family, please adopt one. There is nothing better than rescuing an animal in need. Remember, adoption is love, and love

Bullies Kill!

The new school year is upon us. Unfortunately, for some children, it brings nothing but fear and shame. They know that they will, once again, have to deal with being

Special Children!

Children with disabilities are a special gift. They have a love to share like no other! If we are open with our minds and our hearts, we can learn so

Stay Strong!

A brand new school year is about to start, and while this is exciting for some, it brings nothing but fear to others. To those being bullied, stay strong! You