Suicide or Murder? Think about it!

When a child commits suicide, it is often because they thought they had no choice. If the suicide was due to unrelenting bullying, in my humble opinion, the bully, or bullies as the case may be, committed murder! Remember, words can cut like a knife!


My Last Goodbye

Today I had to say goodbye
And close his casket door,
His bully got the best of him
And he could take no more!

He really tried to stay around
And make it through this year,
But every day was just the same
He tired of the fear!

My child was a special kid
Who had so much to give,
He would have helped to make the world
A better place to live!

I hope his bully feels the pain
That now lives in my soul,
If murder was his game of choice
Then he has reached his goal!

I hope he knows just what he did
And how he took a life,
I hope he knows his words were cruel
And acted like a knife!

I know he was not present when
My child’s life was done,
But still, he’s guilty just the same
As if he shot the gun!

On earth he’ll get away with this
It’s fact, most bullies do,
But in the end he’ll have to pay
Because He knows what’s true!

I’m bitter now and full of grief
But for this boy I’ll pray,
“Dear God please make his meanness end
So more don’t come your way!”

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock

1-800-273-TALK (8255)



If we all tried to live like every day was our last day, would the world be a better place? Just a thought!


Last Day!

If this was your last day on earth
How would you want to live?
Would you stop taking all you could
And only try to give?

If this was your last day on earth
Would you forgive your foes?
Would you drop meanness from your heart
And see how far love goes?

If this was your last day on earth
Do you think you would speak?
Would you help others who are down
And save them from their weak?

If this was your last day on earth
Would you make your wrongs right?
Would you let other people know
That love is God’s true light?

This could be your last day on earth
So why waste it on hate?
Do good and when you’re called above
You’ll find an opened gate!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock

Do Not Text & Drive!

It only takes one second for a serious accident to happen and change lives forever. Please, focus on driving. You can text when you get to wherever it is you are going!


The Christmas Text

Yesterday when I woke up
My heart was full of glee,
I planned to shop for lots of toys
To place beneath the tree!

I called my friend and picked her up
Soon we were on our way,
We listened to some Christmas tunes
To brighten up our day!

Then all at once, there was a crash
You drove into my car,
You skipped across a lane or two
How did you get that far?

You seemed to be quite shaken up
Tried hard to catch your breath,
You did not realize right away
That what you did caused death!

My friend and I died instantly
Too fast to feel the pain,
Why did you have to drive and text
Did you have much to gain?

So now as Christmas day is near
With handcuffs you’ll be bound,
Please think of us and what you did
As we’re placed in the ground!

Yesterday when I woke up
My heart was full of glee,
But just like that, you took my life
No Christmas joy for me!

© Copyright 2017 Amy Comstock

Too Many Lives Lost!

Bullying, in some cases, is murder! There are too many children that cannot face another day of being tormented so instead, they choose to die. We need stricter penalties for bullies and anti-bullying awareness should be mandatory in every school.


Dear Mom And Dad

Dear mom and dad I miss you both
I’m sorry that I died,
But all the hurt and fear I felt
Destroyed me deep inside!

I wish I could have stayed with you
Much longer than I did,
But bully had a different plan
To murder your sweet kid

Some folks think it was suicide
That ended it for me,
But murder is what bully did
And yet, he still walks free!

Too many of us up here now
We do not understand,
The bullies shot their words at us
The gun was in their hand!

Yet every day they’re free to go
And find more kids to hate,
If bullies are not stopped right now
More kids will meet our fate!

Oh mom and dad please listen hard
I hope you hear my voice,
I really did not want to die
But felt I had no choice!

For every day I was in pain
Deep sadness in my soul,
When bully picked me as his bait
My torment was his goal!

The kids that share a cloud with me
Want you to waste no time,
On earth there needs to be a law

Dear mom and dad I love you both
I miss you every day,
Please help to change the laws on earth
So other kids will stay!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock

The National Suicide Prevention Hotline:
1-800-273-TALK (8255)


The number of children ending their lives because they can no longer stand the emotional and/or physical pain of being bullied, is growing every day. Bullying awareness is an important discussion that needs to be taught in every classroom. We have to help protect our children from this growing epidemic.


Please Listen

Please listen to the wind at night
You’ll hear from those who died,
The cry you hear is from the one
You killed by suicide.

You had to make them feel so bad
You had to make them fall,
Please listen to the wind at night
It’s you who they now call.

They want to know why you did this
Did they hurt you some way?
Please listen to the wind at night
It’s you for whom they pray.

Why could you not just let them be
Did you want them to die?
Please listen to the wind at night
They want to ask you why.

Why does a person want to be
A bully and a foe?
Please listen to the wind at night
They have a right to know.

They also want to help you see
Your words became their knife,
Please listen to the wind at night
It’s you who stole their life.

Please listen to the wind at night
You’ll hear their final plea,
They hope that you will kill no more
And just let others be.

© Copyright 2012 Amy Comstock

The National Suicide Prevention Hotline:
1-800-273-TALK (8255)

My Angel Dad!

My dad died when I was nineteen. His death almost destroyed me. However, as the years went by, I realized how blessed I was, and still am, because my dad is my Guardian Angel. He watches over me and protects me. There have been instances in my life that I could feel his presence, of this I am sure. These words came from my heart because of my Angel dad. In my heart, he has spoken these words to me.


When Heaven Called

When Heaven called to take me home
You cried sweet tears for me,
I was so sick, without a cure
So He helped set me free!

Though life was short, it was quite sweet
And yes, some times were bad,
But better times meant so much more
Because I lived some sad!

I know my death has caused you grief
But please just think of this,
When you arrive at Heaven’s door
I’ll greet you with a kiss!

For now you have to keep the faith
And know within your heart,
That even though you can’t see me
We’re never far apart!

With angel wings my soul flies high
I keep watch over you,
And deep within your loving heart
You know this to be true!

You’re never far away from me
I’m with you when you cry,
And when you go to sleep at night
I wipe your teardrops dry!

On certain days you feel a sense
A warmth just known by few,
It’s something that is Heaven sent
A hug from me to you!

When Heaven called to take me home
Please know the time was right,
At peace, I went to be with Him
My darkness turned to light!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock

Suicide Is Devastating!

When a person chooses suicide, they feel as if they have no other way out. To them, they are ending the pain they have, whether it be physical or emotional. The people left behind are the ones who now suffer. Please remember, their goal was not to hurt their loved ones, but rather to put an end to the darkness they felt deep within their soul.

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In Your Heart

Please understand what I have done
And don’t be mad at me,
Although I love you all so much
On Earth, I could not be!

I could not cope with all the pain
It was too much to bear,
And though I felt my choice was right
For you, it was not fair!

I left you with so many thoughts
And questions as to why,
There are no answers and no blame
It was my choice to die!

Please do not cry or carry guilt
You had no way to know,
That for some time this was my plan
I knew I had to go!

There’s nothing that you could have done
Deep down you know it’s true,
I wanted to leave pain behind
Not thinking I’d leave you!

Right now I really need your help
Please let go of your sad,
And know that God is here with me
He does not think I’m bad!

For sometimes we get lost in life
And darkness blocks our view,
Though now I’m here and see the light
My death I can’t undo!

So wipe your tears and celebrate
Remember me with glee,
And when you miss me, hold your heart
For that is where I’ll be!

© Copyright 2016 Amy Comstock

The National Suicide Prevention Hotline:
1-800-273-TALK (8255)