Goodbye Sweet Fur-Child!

When it is time to say goodbye to one of our fur-kids, the emotions that we feel are overwhelming. It is even harder when we have to make the choice for them. My dear friend recently had to do this. Her final gift to her beloved Bailey, was helping her to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Amber, this one is for you. Bailey was blessed to have you as her mom! RIP sweet Bailey….you will be missed forever!

bailey 1

Dear Mommy

My last day was quite hard for you
I know it crushed your soul,
But what you did was right for me
Your braveness made me whole!

My body could not carry on
I used up all its play,
And in your heart, you knew it was
To be my final day!

With tears, you took me to our vet
With just a bit of hope,
But everyone agreed with you
My body could not cope!

I felt your arms around me, mom
Your love came shining through,
And as you cried those tears for me
I wanted to help you!

I tried real hard to wag my tail
And kiss you on your face,
For you were sending me to Him
With dignity and grace!

Oh mom, I had a special life
With you right from the start,
As your first kid, I’ll always be
Forever in your heart!

Let Aidan and sweet Bella know
That from my cloud above,
I’ll always have my eyes on them
Protecting with my love!

For up here, I can see again
Still bumping into things,
They say it takes a little time
To work these Angel wings!

My body is now full of life
My puppyness is back,
My mind is sharp, my heart is full
There’s nothing that I lack!

Though yesterday was hard for you
I thank you for your choice,
I needed you to do this, mom
You had to be my voice!

With love and licks, Bailey

© Copyright 2018 Amy Comstock

If They Freeze To Death, So Should You!

Please bring your pets inside! They deserve the warmth of your home, not the coldness of your heart!


My Blanket

Bad weather’s rolling in again
The chill is in the air,
Oh God please help my owners see
That I need extra care!

The last time that I went through this
I thought that I would die,
If no one sees that I need help
More frozen tears I’ll cry!

The ground is very cold and hard
With ice, my chain weighs more,
Why do they think I don’t deserve
To come in through their door?

The chimney smoke is what I smell
As I try to survive,
Do they not know that I exist
And want to stay alive?

I guess they have no love for me
I’m just a worthless pup,
If they don’t care about my life
I wish they’d give me up!

My body seems to ache a lot
All that I feel is pain,
I’m not sure why I fight to live
There’s nothing that I’ll gain!

The flurries are now coming down
It’s time for me to go,
Tonight sweet death will find me on
My blanket made of snow!

© Copyright 2014 Amy Comstock


If you are not going to make a commitment for life, please do not add a pet to your family! They are meant to be forever….not just for now!


Last Night

Last night as I was seeking warmth
Your window let me see,
The kind of life I used to have
Before they set me free!

I used to have a couch like yours
Where I would cuddle up,
But last night I was in the cold
A lost and lonely pup!

I saw your fancy water bowl
So you will not know thirst,
Last night I drank my water from
A pipe that froze and burst!

You also had a big red dish
With food for you to eat,
Last night I found a garbage bag
With scraps of rotten meat!

I saw your people loving you
It made your tail wag fast,
Last night I dreamt that I was loved
A flashback from my past!

They gave you lots of special treats
How lucky can you be?
I hoped that you would come outside
And share your treats with me!

I watched as you ran up the stairs
They tucked you into bed,
And then last night I closed my eyes
By morning I was dead!

© Copyright 2015 Amy Comstock



I wrote this specifically for the Humane Society of Forsyth County, Georgia.  However, this goes out to all of the wonderful people who either work or volunteer in animal shelters, trying to save lives everyday. It is such a rewarding, yet heartbreaking job. God bless all of you for doing what you do.



No Smiles Today

Today you came to see a dog
But did not like our style,
You said you felt uncomfortable
Because we did not smile!

Please understand how hard it is
To rescue every day,
The sadness that we see each week
Would take your smile away!

On Monday we received a cat
With duct tape on her paws,
We’re not sure if she’ll walk again
Abuse will be the cause!

On Tuesday we lost two sweet pups
The foster threw them out,
She dumped them in a wooded lot
They’ll starve to death, no doubt!

On Wednesday we heard from our vet
Dogs cancer now has spread,
We’ll make her last days comfortable
But soon, she will be dead!

On Thursday we received the news
That made us lose all hope,
Police had found a Pocket Pit
That kids hung from a rope!

On Friday right outside our gates
A bag of trash was found,
Three kittens and a momma cat
No movement and no sound!

On Saturday we saw a dog
With chain, tied to a tree,
His collar was beneath his skin
At least in death he’s free!

Now here we are on Sunday morn
We want to do things right,
We love that you have come to us
To make a future bright!

The family that left as you came
Just gave their sweet lab up,
They said, “he’s now too old for us
We’ll trade him for a pup!”

The sadness in this poor dogs eyes
Made us all shed a tear,
We took him in, but made them leave
No pup for them, not here!

So yes, we did not smile at you
In fact, we cried a tear,
But please don’t take it personal
We’re so glad that you’re here!

Although you might not see it now
We have much love for you,
You are the reason that we can
Continue what we do!

We try real hard to not get down
We want to treat you great,
But truth be told, it’s hard at times
Forgive us, please don’t hate!

If you adopt a pet from us
Tonight for you we’ll pray,
Because of you we’ll smile soon
It just won’t be today!

© Copyright 2015 Amy Comstock

To Die A Stray!

Everywhere you look, you will see a stray cat. They are roaming the streets in search of food, warmth, and love. Most of these strays will not survive. To die, without ever experiencing unconditional love, is something that should never happen. Unfortunately, it happens every day.


Sad Goodbyes

Five cats adorned the streets last night
In search of food and love,
But one to weak to carry on
So she was called above!

Four cats adorned the streets last night
In need of warmth from cold,
The eldest died in someone’s yard
His body, just too old!

Three cats adorned the streets last night
Coyote at their feet,
The youngest caught, could not escape
Coyote now could eat!

Two cats adorned the streets last night
Their walk was long and far,
One made it to the park to rest
The other, death by car!

One cat adorned the streets last night
His heart could take no more,
He closed his eyes and went to sleep
And joined the other four!

This tale is very sad but true
Too many cats are strays,
We need to find them loving hearts
And brighten all their days!

For every cat deserves a home
They have so much to give,
Not one should have to die a stray
They all deserve to live!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock

Words From A Dying Pet!

One of the saddest times in life, is when we have to say goodbye to our beloved fur child. I think we all go through that stage where we feel like we will never be able to adopt again, because it is too painful when they die. The truth is, we need to keep adopting and rescuing. This is what our dogs and cats want us to do. They want us to honor them by saving more!


When I Die

When God calls me to take me home
With tears, I’ll leave your side,
But as I cross the Rainbow Bridge
Please know that He’s my guide!

I will be safe and free from pain
As I lay on my cloud,
Forever I’ll watch over you
I know you’ll make me proud!

For when I was a lonely fur
Abandoned and abused,
You took me in and gave me love
Our two hearts soon were fused!

Because of you my soul has healed
You taught me how to trust,
These past few years, you’ve had one goal
My happiness, a must!

Each day you’ve help erase my past
And made my future bright,
My favorite time we spend as two?
Our cuddles every night!

I know I mean the world to you
My death will break your heart,
But I will always be with you
In truth, we’ll never part!

At first you will be overwhelmed
With sadness and with tears,
But please do this one thing for me
To honor all our years?

Please go and save another fur
So many need your love,
And know that this will be a gift
You send to me above!

Too many furs do not know what
A life with love can be,
So when I die, please rescue one
Will you do this for me?

Do not shut down your giving heart
Because I had to leave,
Please save another broken fur
They’ll help you as you grieve!

When God calls me to take me home
I’ll cross the bridge and wait,
And when you save another soul
I’ll prance right through His gate!

© Copyright 2016 Amy Comstock

Too Sad To Live!

Everyday, we hear stories about dogs being neglected and abused. My question is, if someone does not want a dog to be a loved and loving member of their family, then why do they want to have one? I do not know the answer. Do you?


Do You?

I’m thirsty now, can you help me
My dish is still bone dry?
Do you not want to help me out
You’d rather hear me cry?

I’m hungry now, where is my food
I think I’m way too thin?
Do you not hear my tummy growl
And know the pain I’m in?

I’m hurting now, can you remove
This collar from my neck?
Do you not know how tight it is
Why don’t you ever check?

I’m cold right now, can I come in
Outside I will just freeze?
Do you not want to give me warmth
I really need it please?

I’m scared right now, why are you mad
Can you stop hitting me?
Do you not want me in your life
Why don’t you set me free?

I’m dying now, why do you cry
I’m still chained to a tree?
Do you think God will punish you
For all you did to me?

I’m happy now, I’m home at last
The Rainbow Bridge is real,
You cannot hurt me anymore
His love is all I feel!

I’m thankful now, I’m in God’s House
There’s love in every bowl,
And even though you took my life
I’ll still pray for your soul!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock

Respect And Kindness To All!

Have you ever thought of what your life would be like if you were not born into the human race? Pretty scary! I am so glad to be the me that I am. In return, I try to respect all other life. I’m not a fanatic…but I do try to do what I can to help all creatures, great and small! If we would all stop and think, we could make this world a better place….and we would be teaching our children that ALL life deserves to be respected!


Please stop And Think!

Please stop and think what life would be
If you were born a toad,
Would you get flattened as you crossed
That little country road?

Or what if you were born a squirrel
Ate nuts just to survive,
Would you feel sad that no one cared
If you were not alive?

The fact is that we’re very blessed
That He made you and me,
A member of the human race
And not a bug or bee!

Because of this I feel we should
Respect all that is born,
It’s not okay to kill for fun
For all death we should mourn!

If woodland creatures need our help
So their kids do not die,
We should do everything we can
And simply not stand by!

We have to stop and think right now
Of what our world would gain,
If we would realize this one fact
All living things feel pain!

It’s true that we need meat to live
And accidents will be,
But we should all give more respect
To every life we see!

Please stop and think what life would be
If you were born a toad,
I’d stop my car to help you out
To cross that country road!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock


Stray Purrs!

There are too many stray cats and kittens that are living horrible lives. They spend their days searching for food, while at night, they are running from death.  This should not be. Every purr should be in a loving home. Every purr should be spayed or neutered.


In The Wind

Deep in the woods where I can’t see
I hear the sound of purrs,
The cold night wind brings their voice near
Our lost and lonely furs!

I can’t imagine how they cope
With all they have to fear,
For in the wind there’s something else
Coyote sounds I hear!

A pack of them must be close by
Their young ones need to eat,
So in the wind they’ll hunt and kill
Our purrs and death will meet!

The thought of this makes my tears flow
These purrs should have a home,
They should not have to run from death
They should not have to roam!

If everyone would make the choice
To neuter or to spay,
Then little purrs would not be born
To live and die a stray!

Each night when it is time to sleep
I try hard not to cry,
All purrs should be home warm and safe
Yet in the wind they die!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock

Sweet Revenge!

We all know that revenge is never a good thing. However, deep within my mind, I have a file. This file is where I store all of my “unacted” upon acts of revenge. Whenever someone is nasty, mean, or intolerant of either another person or an animal, they get added to my file.  For all of the people out there who think that it is okay to run over a turtle, this one is for you!

Just Venting

I’m driving down the road today
I’m just as late as you,
But then I spot a little shell
Who knew not what to do!

I stopped my car to help him out
Did not want him to mush,
He started to get off the road
With just a little push!

I waited to make sure that he
Was safe and on his way,
It’s then I heard you yell and scream
You did not have all day!

You honked your horn and yelled more stuff
Too close as you sped by,
And then you stopped to tell me off
I saw your finger fly!

I hope that in your next lifetime
A turtle you will be,
And when you’re scared and all alone
I hope you’re found by me!

Instead of helping you to live
I’ll treat you like you’re poop,
I’ll run you over with my car
Go home, make turtle soup!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock