Present Or Not, You Are Guilty!

At the end of a school day, some children go home and play. Unfortunately, others go home and make life-ending decisions. When a child chooses to die because they are being bullied, it is bullycide. The bully does not always have to be present to be guilty of this crime. The pain of being bullied lingers on, and for some, it becomes too much to bear. If you choose to hurt someone with your words, or with your actions, keep in mind that little by little, you just might be killing them!bully-655660_640

Because Of You!

The little girl you brought to tears
Because she is obese,
Went home and hung herself tonight
You helped her life to cease!

The boy you picked on during lunch
Did not know what to do,
So he left school to end it all
He died because of you!

The kid you beat up just last week
Because you don’t like gay,
Popped all the pills that he could find
You took his life away!

The child that lived up the street
Went home and cut his wrist,
He could not face another week
Of bruises from your fist!

The teen you bullied yesterday
Because she’s in a chair,
Will lay to rest on Saturday
You made her life unfair!

How many kids will have to die
Because of all your mean?
No matter what, you killed them all
With crimes that were not seen!

You probably will not be charged
For all your bully times,
But in the end, you’ll have to pay
For He knows of your crimes!

So bully, please do think of this
The next time that you fight,
The kids you hurt in school today
Might end their lives tonight!

Though you’re not with them when they die
This fact is still quite true,
The kids you choose as bully bait
Might die because of you!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock


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