My Rescue Hero!

I wrote this two years ago when I was rescued by this girl. She has taught me many things, and she has made me a better person. I am not sure why I was so blessed to have her come into my life, but I am very thankful. Happy Anniversary Bonnie! Thank you God! I will cherish this gift forever!

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Bonnie’s Way!

Some weeks ago I helped to find
A puppy that was lost,
We vowed to stay and search for her
Not stop at any cost!

Some weeks ago we found this girl
So silent on the ground,
Her mind was wracked with fear and pain
She could not make a sound!

Some weeks ago I took her in
To keep her for one night,
But now I will not let her go
Until she has no fright!

Some weeks ago I watched this pup
Befriend my motley crew,
They seemed to sense the fear in her
And knew just what to do!

Some weeks ago I was amazed
How my dogs took her in,
They treated her with love and warmth
Her healing could begin!

Some weeks ago I watched her fear
Grow less and less each day,
She has to do things very slow
We do it Bonnie’s way!

Some weeks ago I understood
How people let her down,
A bait dog was to be her fate
In sorrow, she would drown!

Some weeks ago this special pup
Allowed me in her heart,
She put aside her doubt and fear
To make a brand new start!

So here we are, some weeks have passed
I’m blessed to tell you this,
My heart is filled with so much joy
I got a Bonnie Kiss!

This may not seem like very much
But I think it’s the best,
This pup has taught me many things
Can’t wait to learn the rest!

© Copyright 2015 Amy Comstock






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