Stay Strong!

A brand new school year is about to start, and while this is exciting for some, it brings nothing but fear to others. To those being bullied, stay strong! You have the power to not let anyone take you down. If you need help, seek it out. Start strong in the beginning, and stay strong throughout the year. It might not be easy at first, but with time, the bully will get the message that you are no longer bully bait. You are a force to be reckoned with! Stay strong, stay kind, and never give up!


As This Day Ends

As this day starts, I’ll hear your voice
And all the mean you say,
I’ll try to hide, but won’t succeed
You find me every day!

Your inner radar seeks me out
To shred me to my core,
You don’t give up until you feel
You’ve knocked me to the floor!

You have a passion for my tears
The more I cry, you cheer,
You seem to get an ego boost
From all my sad and fear!

It’s time for me to clue you in
On this one simple fact,
I’ve learned to love the me I am
No matter how you act!

Your words no longer cause me fear
My sad from you is dead,
I’ve learned to stand up for myself
My strength, you should now dread!

You’re just one voice who speaks quite loud
With words that are untrue,
I will no longer let my worth
Drop down because of you!

A bully has to get his strength
From other people’s fear,
But give it up, I’m fighting back
This is a brand new year!

No matter what you say to me
I’ll stand up tall and straight,
I’m good, and strong, and full of life
No longer bully bait!

It took some time for me to see
How small you really are,
In life I’ll be a great success
But you will not go far!

As this day ends, I’ll walk away
And leave you far behind,
No matter what you do to me
You can’t control my mind!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock

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