Death Row Dogs!

They say that animals can smell death. Can you imagine how much fear a dog on death row must experience? They know that they were abandoned, and they know that they will die. We need to stop buying animals! There are too many in shelters across the world that need to be adopted. Open up your heart, and home, to a shelter pet. It will be the greatest experience of your life. Love is not for sale, but it is always available for adoption!


Down The Hall 

I hear the footsteps down the hall
Do you think they’re for me?
My seven days are up at noon
Do you think I’ll go free?

My owner turned me in last week
Said my costs were too high,
He walked away without a kiss
And left me here to die!

I heard from other death row pets
That no one wants our love,
So I should just accept the fact
That soon, I’ll go above!

They said there are no homes for us
Too many folks don’t care,
I wish they’d take a chance on me
I have so much to share!

Oh no, I hear some cries right now
They say the rumor’s true,
There are no loving homes for us
No rescues will come through!

Since no one wants to take me home
It’s now my time to die,
Dear Lord, please make me brave and strong
And help me not to cry!

I hear the footsteps down the hall
In my cage goes the key,
So scared, I do not want leave
Please say a prayer for me!

© Copyright 2014 Amy Comstock

5 thoughts on “Death Row Dogs!

  1. This is so heartbreaking and well written. I currently have four rescue pets. Such deep sentiments in your poem. I hope it saves many lives.


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