A Message From Above!

It is so important for children to understand that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. You cannot undo ending your life. However, you can, with the help of others, put an end to bullying. It is not easy, but it is worth fighting through. You, the one being bullied, are worth fighting for! Please, do not give up!


From My Cloud

Hello to all of you down there
I’m speaking from my cloud,
Please listen very carefully
I’ll try to say this loud!

A bully took my life away
He made my days pure hell,
The things he said cut through my skin
And pierced my inner shell!

There was no need for physical
He knew his words would kill,
For putting other people down
Was truly, his one skill!

From up here I can see that he
Has new kids on his list,
And if we let him carry on
Then soon they won’t exist!

I wish to share what I have learned
Since I left life on Earth,
No one can tell you you’re not great
And take away your worth!

You have to realize who you are
And what your life could be,
If you would stand up for yourself
And not give up, like me!

A bully should not rule your world
And make you want to cry,
A bully should not put you down
So much, you choose to die!

If I could have a second chance
To redo what I did,
I’d stay on Earth and fight it out
Prove I’m the stronger kid!

In time the bully will fade out
A broken man he’ll be,
And if I would have chose to live
I’d be amazing me!

I let one person make me feel
That I did not belong,
But let me tell you, now I know
My feelings were quite wrong!

So if you face a bully boy
Or bully girl this year,
Remember to stand up to them
And prove you have no fear!

For you are so much greater than
The person that they are,
And you will see, as life goes on
They’ll fail, you’ll be a star!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock

1-800-273-TALK (8255)

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