What Is In Your Closet?

Inside of each of us, there is a space where we keep the things that we do not want to share. I call this space our inner closet. Like it or not, we all have one!  Through the years, so many things happen that change us and make us grow. Unfortunately, things also happen that stunt our growth. Some people share more than others. However, no one shares everything! How full is your closet?


Everyone Has A Closet

It’s true we all have closet space
Where we can hide our stuff,
But if we keep it packed and full
There won’t be room enough!

You don’t know what’s behind my door
I keep so much inside,
Too scared to share it all with you
So much I have to hide!

If I were to invite you in
And open up my door,
My secrets would come tumbling out
And knock you to the floor!

It’s then you’d know the real true me
And not just what I show,
You’d see how wrong your judgments are
And how much you don’t know!

You’d understand some of my quirks
And why I’m not like you,
You’d understand that having truth
Could change your point of view!

Remember that we all have stuff
We feel we cannot share,
If you would look behind your door
You’d see it is not bare!

So when a judgment comes to mind
Do not assume it’s true,
A person’s closet might be full
Of stuff they hide from you!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock

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