Too Sad To Live!

Everyday, we hear stories about dogs being neglected and abused. My question is, if someone does not want a dog to be a loved and loving member of their family, then why do they want to have one? I do not know the answer. Do you?


Do You?

I’m thirsty now, can you help me
My dish is still bone dry?
Do you not want to help me out
You’d rather hear me cry?

I’m hungry now, where is my food
I think I’m way too thin?
Do you not hear my tummy growl
And know the pain I’m in?

I’m hurting now, can you remove
This collar from my neck?
Do you not know how tight it is
Why don’t you ever check?

I’m cold right now, can I come in
Outside I will just freeze?
Do you not want to give me warmth
I really need it please?

I’m scared right now, why are you mad
Can you stop hitting me?
Do you not want me in your life
Why don’t you set me free?

I’m dying now, why do you cry
I’m still chained to a tree?
Do you think God will punish you
For all you did to me?

I’m happy now, I’m home at last
The Rainbow Bridge is real,
You cannot hurt me anymore
His love is all I feel!

I’m thankful now, I’m in God’s House
There’s love in every bowl,
And even though you took my life
I’ll still pray for your soul!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock

6 thoughts on “Too Sad To Live!

  1. I think often people are unprepared for the responsibility of having a pet. They think it will be all fun and games. Then they are disappointed when they have to train them or if there are behavioral issues. I think people want their animals to fit perfectly into their lives like an accessory. When the animal become inconvenient, they begin to neglect and abuse. Completely unacceptable.

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  2. Lot of people with serious issues that mean they have an overwhelming desire to control, bully and dominate is one reason some people take on dogs which is tragically sad and almost beyond belief but entirely true I’m afraid. Bit like bullies in school, they need to take out their inadequacies and inflict suffering towards something unable to fight back and in the case of animals – unable to let anyone else know.

    There are of course others that don’t set out with malicious intent but just don’t consider the bigger picture or plan for the longer term so often end up unable to give the dog what it needs or find themselves otherwise unable to cope with training or behaviour. Despite the number of rescue shelters and centres freely available and they could turn to and hand over their animals, many choose to bumble along either in the hope things will sort themselves out or the idea of keeping the dog locked away for prolonged periods will somehow make things better and what they do is make its life unbearable and often beyond all repair.

    The sooner laws are tightened up on dog ownership the better.


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