My Dogs Friends!

My dogs truly believe that anyone who comes over for a visit, is coming strictly to visit and play with them. It is their house, their friends, and most definitely, their life! I am so blessed that I am their person! I would not have it any other way!


This Dog’s Life

Welcome to my happy home
Please come in, take a seat,
Please let me sniff you all around
That’s how I choose to meet!

Just so you know, my couch has hair
Some black, some brown, some white,
But it’s okay, looks good on you
It makes your outfit right!

Please do not startle when I jump
To sit right next to you,
It’s just that you are in my spot
So here will have to do!

You need to move your arm for me
So I can place my head,
Upon your soft and comfy lap
My temporary bed!

Oh look, mom’s bringing snacks for us
She is so good and kind,
And if you drop a crumb or two
Just leave it, I don’t mind!

You look like you have had too much
I’ll help you cause I care,
Just break in half the piece you have
And then I’ll help you share!

Oh that was good, my tummy’s full
I need to take a nap,
So once again, please move your arm
I really need your lap!

I think I let a stinky out
Or maybe even two,
But I will jump and move away
So mom will think it’s you!

It’s time for me to step outside
I really have to pee,
But do not worry, I’ll be back
And you can scratch on me!

I’m so glad you stopped by today
Much fun was had by all,
And next time that you visit me
I let you throw my ball!

© Copyright 2016 Amy Comstock

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