Stray Purrs!

There are too many stray cats and kittens that are living horrible lives. They spend their days searching for food, while at night, they are running from death.  This should not be. Every purr should be in a loving home. Every purr should be spayed or neutered.


In The Wind

Deep in the woods where I can’t see
I hear the sound of purrs,
The cold night wind brings their voice near
Our lost and lonely furs!

I can’t imagine how they cope
With all they have to fear,
For in the wind there’s something else
Coyote sounds I hear!

A pack of them must be close by
Their young ones need to eat,
So in the wind they’ll hunt and kill
Our purrs and death will meet!

The thought of this makes my tears flow
These purrs should have a home,
They should not have to run from death
They should not have to roam!

If everyone would make the choice
To neuter or to spay,
Then little purrs would not be born
To live and die a stray!

Each night when it is time to sleep
I try hard not to cry,
All purrs should be home warm and safe
Yet in the wind they die!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock

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