Parents & Teachers Unite!

I was once asked to write a poem expressing how hard it is for a parent to get help from school officials when a child is being bullied. Bullying awareness grows every day. However, some people still do not take it seriously. This has to change. Children should not be tormented…and they should definitely not want to die.


One Less Smile

I sent my child to school today
No worries in my head,
But in her room I found a note
“Tomorrow I’ll be dead!”

The sadness that came over me
Made my heart fill with tears,
The bullies started up again
Just like in other years!

A boy had told some awful lies
And spread them with a tweet,
While he felt like a macho man
My daughter took the heat!

The friends she had soon disappeared
While bullies took her down,
It got so bad, we had to move
And find a different town!

I tried to get some help at school
But all they did was laugh,
The principal said, “Let it go
And do not bother staff!”

I knew I could not let it go
This was my daughter’s life,
“Dear Principal, if my kid dies
Your blood is on the knife!”

I heard that not too long ago
A boy from that school died,
And at his grave the teachers stood
So filled with guilt, they cried!

They now realize how wrong they were
They should have done much more,
A child should depend on them
Not seek out Heaven’s door!

So when my girl comes home today
I’ll hug her very tight,
She’ll know that she is not alone
Together we will fight!

The truth is that I need some help
Can’t do this all alone,
So teachers, admin, principals
Please help, do not condone!

If you standby and don’t step in
And go that extra mile,
Tomorrow when you start your class
There might be one less smile!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock


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