Too Many Lives Lost!

Bullying, in some cases, is murder! There are too many children that cannot face another day of being tormented so instead, they choose to die. We need stricter penalties for bullies and anti-bullying awareness should be mandatory in every school.


Dear Mom And Dad

Dear mom and dad I miss you both
I’m sorry that I died,
But all the hurt and fear I felt
Destroyed me deep inside!

I wish I could have stayed with you
Much longer than I did,
But bully had a different plan
To murder your sweet kid

Some folks think it was suicide
That ended it for me,
But murder is what bully did
And yet, he still walks free!

Too many of us up here now
We do not understand,
The bullies shot their words at us
The gun was in their hand!

Yet every day they’re free to go
And find more kids to hate,
If bullies are not stopped right now
More kids will meet our fate!

Oh mom and dad please listen hard
I hope you hear my voice,
I really did not want to die
But felt I had no choice!

For every day I was in pain
Deep sadness in my soul,
When bully picked me as his bait
My torment was his goal!

The kids that share a cloud with me
Want you to waste no time,
On earth there needs to be a law

Dear mom and dad I love you both
I miss you every day,
Please help to change the laws on earth
So other kids will stay!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock

The National Suicide Prevention Hotline:
1-800-273-TALK (8255)

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