Pets Are Family!

To be a parent to a fur child, you must totally commit to treating them as a family member, because that is what they are. You should only adopt if you have room in your heart, and in your home, for unconditional love! Fur kids are a gift from God and they deserve the very best!


Beneath That Tree

Don’t cry for me for I am gone
I left the earth last night,
I tried to prove my love for you
But failed and lost the fight!

You threw me food and gave me drink
When you could find the time,
But there were days I went without
I think that is a crime!

The other night it rained quite hard
I hid beneath that tree,
You put me out to do my stuff
But then neglected me!

I was so cold, the wind was harsh
I cried the whole night through,
When morning came, you brought me in
And hit me with your shoe!

I never knew what I did wrong
I must have been born bad,
Cause every night and every day
I seemed to make you mad!

Each day I tried to show you love
With licks and wagging tail,
Each day you treated me the same
You broke me without fail!

So as old age came creeping in
I lost my will to live,
My licks and wagging tail ran out
I had no more to give!

You put me out one final time
To sleep beneath that tree,
I looked above and prayed to God
To come and rescue me!

With my last breath, I still loved you
Quite loyal till the end,
No matter what you did to me
My love was not pretend!

So now I hope your hate is gone
And you’ll do this for me,
Please dig a hole to be my grave
My place beneath that tree!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock




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