The Fight Within Yourself!

Taking control over OCD is not easy. However, if you stick with it and try not go give in to your “OCD urges,” you can conquer it! It is a major fight within yourself! The thing you have to remember is that you are worth fighting for! Go in for the win!


Fight Back Now!

There is no cure for ocd
But it can fade away,
You have to practice certain things
Most every single day!

The first thing is to truly know
That you are not subpar,
Your ocd is a disease
It is not who you are!

It wants to take control of you
And play games with your brain,
It wants to tell you what to do
And cause you lots of pain!

If you don’t want to let it win
You must find strength and fight,
It will not be an easy task
It’s with you day and night!

So every morning when you wake
Write down one thing you’ll do,
To help control your ocd
Move power back to you!

Believe me when I say you can
Control your mind and soul,
It is a war worth fighting for
The win will make you whole!

You really need to do this now
There is so much to gain,
You need to find your happiness
Let go of fear and pain!

It’s baby steps you’ll take at first
But with each win you’ll see,
It really is quite possible
To take the victory!

Fight Back Now!

© Copyright 2012 Amy Comstock

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