Life Is Better With A Dog!

The truth is, life is better with a fur-kid! Let yourself get rescued by one….or more! You will not be sorry!


A Message To My Dog!

Sometimes I cannot find the words
That live within my heart,
But I have so much love for you
So this is where I’ll start!

Each morning when the sun comes up
I feel your wagging tail,
And then you kiss me on my chin
This happens without fail!

You spring to life with joy and hope
You cherish each new day,
Your yester-woes are left behind
No troubles in your way!

Your meal it seems, is quite the feast
You thank me for each bite,
You dance around and make me feel
That all I do is right!

When off to work I have to go
You look so very sad,
But then you take on guard-dog mode
And keep away the bad!

As I drive through the gate each night
And put my car in park,
I smile as I hear your voice
A whimper, howl, and bark!

You act like I’ve been gone a month
Your joy is quite unreal,
It’s time for us to bond and play
But first, you want your meal!

When we are through with all our chores
We cuddle on the couch,
No matter what my mood may be
You take away my grouch!

Before too long it’s sleepy time
We scurry off to bed,
It seems I’ve lost my pillow rights
Of course, they’re yours instead!

At four a.m. you wake me up
Your chosen time to pee,
I’m cold and tired, yet I think
Thank God you rescued me!

© Copyright 2014 Amy Comstock


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