Suicide Is Devastating!

When a person chooses suicide, they feel as if they have no other way out. To them, they are ending the pain they have, whether it be physical or emotional. The people left behind are the ones who now suffer. Please remember, their goal was not to hurt their loved ones, but rather to put an end to the darkness they felt deep within their soul.

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In Your Heart

Please understand what I have done
And don’t be mad at me,
Although I love you all so much
On Earth, I could not be!

I could not cope with all the pain
It was too much to bear,
And though I felt my choice was right
For you, it was not fair!

I left you with so many thoughts
And questions as to why,
There are no answers and no blame
It was my choice to die!

Please do not cry or carry guilt
You had no way to know,
That for some time this was my plan
I knew I had to go!

There’s nothing that you could have done
Deep down you know it’s true,
I wanted to leave pain behind
Not thinking I’d leave you!

Right now I really need your help
Please let go of your sad,
And know that God is here with me
He does not think I’m bad!

For sometimes we get lost in life
And darkness blocks our view,
Though now I’m here and see the light
My death I can’t undo!

So wipe your tears and celebrate
Remember me with glee,
And when you miss me, hold your heart
For that is where I’ll be!

© Copyright 2016 Amy Comstock

The National Suicide Prevention Hotline:
1-800-273-TALK (8255)

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